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City of Wonder CHAT ROOM


City of Wonder Wiki sponsors a dedicated chat room where you can talk with other City of Wonder players. You don't have to download any software. Just create a username and your own password.

For security purposes, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT USE YOUR FACEBOOK PASSWORD. Please consider creating a new unique password for the chat room only. Then log in and choose a room to enter.

We've got the lobby (for general discussions), a Wiki room (for wiki discussions) and a Game room (for game related discussions). The only request we ask is to use a "family style" chat, which means no profanity, nothing sexual orientated, and nothing that you wouldn't want children to be exposed to as many times we have players who may have young children in the room and may overhear the conversations.

To access the chatroom == CLICK HERE ==

NOTICE: By clicking the chatroom links you will be taken from the wiki website to another website where the chatroom resides.