Plate-coffee farm
Coffee Farm
Building Information

752 Cityofwonderssanddollars

Experience Gain

82 Icon-xp gain

Trade Gain

Icon-trade 260

Naval Power

3 Icon-Naval Power

Research Required


This is the second goods building of the Water Colonies


This is the second goods building of the Water Colonies. It is obtained when you finish researching Cultivation. As with all water colonies good buildings, the cost is in silver, but the payout is in Sand Dollars. This Goods building allows you to build items in 2 day increments where some of the other goods buildings only max out at 1 day.


The following goods are available from a Coffee Farm

Goods Silver Cost Time Taken XP Gain Sand Dollars Coin Gain
Cafe Latte 750 Cityofwonderssilver 5 minutes 8 Icon-xp gain 55 Cityofwonderssanddollars
Cappuccino 1,200 Cityofwonderssilver 30 minutes 36 Icon-xp gain 80 Cityofwonderssanddollars
Coffee Cake 1,600 Cityofwonderssilver 2 hours 50 Icon-xp gain 135 Cityofwonderssanddollars
Coffee Candy 2,100 Cityofwonderssilver 4 hours 82 Icon-xp gain 175 Cityofwonderssanddollars
Coffee Liquor 3,250 Cityofwonderssilver 8 hours 124 Icon-xp gain 250 Cityofwonderssanddollars
Espresso 9,000 Cityofwonderssilver 18 hours 190 Icon-xp gain 390 Cityofwonderssanddollars
Frappe 11,000 Cityofwonderssilver 1 day 250 Icon-xp gain 750 Cityofwonderssanddollars
Ice Cream 22,000 Cityofwonderssilver 2 days 400 Icon-xp gain 1,500 Cityofwonderssanddollars

Goods-Coffee Farm