Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of popular questions (complete with answers) to help your City of Wonder game play. Anyone can ask a question by inserting it in the "COMMENT" section below. Once received it will be researched and an appropriate answer added to this page (if an answer can be found). Due to the ever changing game application, some answers may become outdated. If you find an outdated question/answer, please post a note on the FAQ Discussion Page.

How do I get ALLIES ?

To get allies, you must first invite a friend from your friends list. This will place your Embassy in their Gift Box. If your friend accepts your invitation to play City of Wonder, they will start building their city. They must place your Embassy within their city (from their gift box). They have the option to post a message on both theirs and your wall showing they've built your embassy. By accepting your invite, your friend's Embassy will be automatically placed in your gift box. When you log into the game and open your gift box, you should find their Embassy. Place their Embassy any where within your city and once both yours and their Embassy's are built, the game will acknowledge you as ALLIES.

What helps to increase your city's "Happiness" ?

Happiness can be increased by building Culture type buildings and special Marvels. You must also have built roads to each of your buildings/assets (i.e. Towers, farms etc.) in order for your city's happiness to remain high. Cleaning dirty buildings/structures will also help to raise your city's happiness level.

How do I create a "help me build" building link ?

1. Place the MARVEL building in your city first.
2. Then click on the label that shows above the building that says "Ask Friends To Help" .
3. When the pop-up box shows up, you'll see the words, "Johnny needs help building the Angor Wat" in blue letters. Place your cursor over this link and "RIGHT CLICK" on the link.
4. Another popup menu will appear. Select "COPY LINK LOCATION". This places the link on your windows clipboard.
5. Now, go up to the top right side of the game/application window and click on the "Give City of Wonder a 5 Star Review". This will take you to the application's main page where you can then post a review.
6. To post your link, select 5 stars (or however many you feel the game deserves) and then in the small comment box below the stars, type something such as "Please help" etc.
7. Place your cursor behind your request and right click your mouse. This is will bring up the menu popup. Select "PASTE". This will put your building link into the comment window.
8. Then click the blue "SHARE REVIEW" button right under the comment window and you're done.

What does the "DRAMA-MASK" represent ?

The drama mask tells you the happiness level of your citizens. If citizens are sad, you won't be able to increase your population. If citizens are bored, you are close to the limit. If citizens are happy, then all is well!