City of Wonder wiki Policies

This article is official City of Wonder Wiki policy. When editing, users should attempt to follow this guide at all times.

Date of Last Revision: April 5, 2011

While City of Wonder Wiki in and of itself is a site designed for the collecting of information given in part or whole by it's users or subscribers, City of Wonder Wiki reserves the right to control the creation and display of all pages hosted on it's site.

Users are encouraged to create individual pages, articles and user guides.

All pages created and displayed on City of Wonder Wiki are required to incorporate and display the following templates:


Page titles should be of "singular" form. example:

Page title: Colony/marvel <-- CORRECT Page title: Colony/marvels <-- INCORRECT

Removal of any required template(s) or creation of new page(s)/article(s) without prior written authorization from a City of Wonder Wiki Administrator may be considered "Site Vandalism" and be subject to appropriate sanctions.

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