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Mainland - Water Colonies
To view goods for each area, click on a map.

Goods (Buildings) are different for each region.

  • You may purchase a limited number of Goods in any region based on that region's requirements

Currency used to pay for Goods are region specific.

  • (Mainland uses Silver Currency while the Water Colonies use Sand Dollars)


Buildings that produce "Goods" provide an income for your city. Each one produces eight different items, each item taking a different time to produce. It is important that you collect the goods from the building when they are ready, as they will expire leaving you with a mess to clean up, and no income.

All of the goods buildings are available except for the Grain Farm, which costs 25 Gold and the Crystal Mine which costs 35 Gold to unlock the Age of Alchemy.

Building Cost Trade Gain XP Gain Research Requirements
Garden 1,000 Cityofwonderssilver Icon-trade 4 5 Icon-xp gain None
Grain Farm 25 Cityofwondersgold Icon-trade 275 185 Icon-xp gain None
Vegetable Farm 3,000 Cityofwonderssilver Icon-trade 12 15 Icon-xp gain Icon-research agriculture Agriculture
Ranch 6,000 Cityofwonderssilver Icon-trade 24 30 Icon-xp gain Icon-research domestication Domestication
Quarry 8,000 Cityofwonderssilver Icon-trade 32 40 Icon-xp gain Icon-research masonry Masonry
Mine 12,000 Cityofwonderssilver Icon-trade 48 60 Icon-xp gain Icon-research iron working Iron Working
Crystal Mine ?? Cityofwonderssilver Icon-trade 316 395 Icon-xp gain Mining
Lumber Mill 13,000 Cityofwonderssilver Icon-trade 52 65 Icon-xp gain Icon-research agriculture Agriculture
Icon-research bronze work Bronze Work
Vineyard 16,000 Cityofwonderssilver Icon-trade 64 80 Icon-xp gain Icon-research fermentation Fermentation
Plantation 41,000 Cityofwonderssilver Icon-trade 164 205 Icon-xp gain Icon-research wealth Wealth
Icon-research irrigation Irrigation
Factory 50,000 Cityofwonderssilver Icon-trade 200 250 Icon-xp gain Icon-research machinery Machinery
Modern Farm 59,000 Cityofwonderssilver Icon-trade 236 295 Icon-xp gain Icon-research agriculture Agriculture
Icon-research science Science
Industrial Plant 68,000 Cityofwonderssilver Icon-trade 272 340 Icon-xp gain Icon-research manufacturing Manufacturing
Car Factory 74,000 Cityofwonderssilver Icon-trade 296 370 Icon-xp gain Icon-research manufacturing Manufacturing
Icon-research combustion Combustion
Department Store 79,000 Cityofwonderssilver Icon-trade316 395Icon-xp gain Icon-research corporationsCorporations
Worst Buy 86,500 Cityofwonderssilver Icon-trade346 433Icon-xp gain Icon-research franchisesFranchises
Multiplex Theater ?? Cityofwonderssilver Icon-trade365 457Icon-xp gain Animation

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