The Mainland

The Mainland was the first region made available for gameplay by the developers of City of Wonder. The terms city or cities may be used universally for Main City and Water Colony/Water Colonies. When used singularly it is meant to describe a single location be it your Main City or another City you've created i.e; Water Colony.

On the Mainland you will find your Main City Located nearby just off the coast is your Colony

These areas/subjects create the gameplay for the Main City:

  • Mainland Research|Research
  • Mainland Building|Build (Building)
  • Workshop
  • Expeditions
  • Legends
  • Main City Inventory
  • Gift Sets
  • Gifting
  • Allies

Game mechanics are similar for any city.

These items are "City Specific":

  • Currencies
  • Research Technologies (subjects) *
  • Buildings
  • Expeditions
  • Inventory
  • Happiness

You may have 3 Legends active for each city unlocked. (example: You may have a Marco Polo, Emperior Qin, and Lenin active in your Main City while having a Maccabee, Emperior Qin and Brahms active in your Colony. Cards may be duplicated as long as they are used only once in each city.

  • The method for completing research is the same for all cities. Currency used to begin research study on a particular Technology is city specific (example: It requires Sand Dollars to research technologies in the Colony and requires Silver Coins to research technologies in the Main City).

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