• The marketplace is where you buy and sell surplus goods. Surplus goods are tulips, rubies, lumber and steel.
  • These goods can be gained randomly by completing contracts and producing goods with the goods buildings.
  • The marketplace had 3 levels (not sure what it applies to, info needed)

Level 1 - 25 sales
Level 2 - 250 sales
Level 3 - 1000 sales

Marketplace window

Marketplace window

Marketplace WindowEdit

  • Purchasing surplus goods is done with gold at your marketplace. Tulips and rubies for 1 gold each. Lumber and steel for 2 gold each.
  • Selling surplus goods is done at your allies marketplace. The price varies per ally and changes daily.
  • You can also post your best trade by clicking "Tell Your Allies".
  • You can see who traded with you in the lower left corner.


  • Steel sells for the most silver, lumber next, then rubies and finally tulips least. Having a goods building that gives steel is best for making extra silver as it is worth up to 12,000 each.
  • The maximum amount of surplus goods you can store is currently 100 of each.
  • Placing your marketplace next to your embassies is recommened as it allows allies quick access to sell their surplus goods.
  • Posting the price of your surplus goods when you "Tell Your Allies" is appreciated.
  • When you sell surplus goods to allies, they receive 500 silver per click on the sell button. If you sell them in a bundle, your ally only receives 500 silver for the bundle. Selling them 1 by 1 will allow your ally to recieve 500 per item.