Mainland - Water Colonies
To view marvels for each area, click on a map.

Marvels (buildings and items) are different for each region.
Currency used to pay for marvels are region specific.

  • (Mainland uses Silver Currency while the Water Colonies use Sand Dollars)

You may obtain marvels in each region at the same time.
Marvels appear on cards located within the "Marvels" tab found under the "Build" tab.
Marvels offer "Gains" and "Bonuses" (boosts) for different stats.

Each Marvel offers Gains and Bonuses (boosts) for different stats

How to Obtain

Marvels must first be unlocked, placed somewhere inside your city, and then built.

  • Marvels are unlocked in 3 ways.
  • Some marvels may be unlocked by completing research in various required technologies. The required technology is shown on the top of each Marvel card.
  • Some marvels are only unlocked by paying in-game Gold and may or may not require any research.
  • Some marvels are unlocked when you receive gift sets during promotion weeks. If missed, you can use the raffle to try and get the missed building set pieces with gold. It is random so good luck.
  • In-game Currency is not used to obtain Marvels.

How to Construct

Once the marvel has been unlocked, it requires constructing. You may construct more than one marvel at a time. To construct a marvel, you must ask and receive assistance from your friends and/or other players. There are 2 ways marvels can be built depending on which marvel is being built.

  • 1st way: Place the unbuilt marvel within your city and click on the "Ask Friends to Help" tag
  • A window opens up where you can make "Ask for Help" or "Build Instantly".
  • "Ask for Help" makes a post on you and your friends facebook wall where they can click and help you. (if they also play CoW) (see tips for a quick way to build)
  • "Build Instantly" instantly finishes the marvel and removes gold.
  • 2nd way: Place the unbuilt marvel within your city and click on the "Ask Friends to Help".
  • A box opens up where you can "Hire Friends", "Build Instantly" or Pay gold per spot to finish.
  • "Hire Friends" opens a window so you can invite friends from your friends list to help.
  • "Build Instantly" instantly finishes the marvel and removes gold.
  • Lastly, if you just need 1 last friend, you can pay gold to fill a spot.

Game Tip

To quickly build marvels, go to your facebook wall and click on your own post "Help to collect". You get to see the page but since you can not help yourself you get the message "You can't help build your own marvel.". Copy the link in the address bar to your clipboard. Go back to the main game and click on "Give a 5 Review". Once there, post your link there and others can help you build the marvel. You can also leave a message and garner allies here. Posts are quickly dropped to the bottom so update it every few minutes so your marvel is finished quickly. Reload the main game and TADA! Your marvel is finished without annoying your friends who do not play.