Some players find it easier to make a post on the game forums to request assistance. If you choose to do this, here are the steps you should follow:

  • Place the pre-constructed marvel within your city.
  • Click on the "Ask Friends to Help" tag on the marvel you just placed.
  • A new box will open showing how many friends you'll need to complete the marvel. This box will have blue buttons/labels you can click to ask friends to help.
  • Since you chose to have friends assist you, click on the "ask friends to help" button. This will cause a new (Publish this story to your Facebook Wall and your friends' home pages?) window to open. The window will contain a blue link (ie: Help Johnny build the Reichstag and get a FREE BONUS!).
  • Right click on the blue link and choose "Copy Link Location". This will place the link location onto your clipboard.
  • Click on the "Give City of Wonder a 5 Star Review" link on the top right side of your game window.
  • In the next window that opens, select the number of star rating you wish to give the game.
  • In the comment box below the star ratings, right click and select "Paste". (This will place the link onto the forum post)
  • Close your post and wait for friends to assist. You should definitely consider helping others by clicking on their links within the forum board/topic.