City of Wonder is an online strategy game, created by Playdom. The Facebook game was launched on August 17th, 2010, although the game is still officially in beta version.

There are two ways of playing City of Wonder: either as a game on Facebook, or as a game on the web-site of Playdom itself. The two games are different: the game on Facebook offers more types of buildings, such as limited-edition gold buildings, theme weeks and gift sets.

The game on Playdom offers more interactive game play in the form of guilds and nations: players team up in groups, and can help each other out, and there are competitions between different guilds.

On Facebook, there is an English version, but also an international version that can be played in Spanish, French, or German.

All pages in this wiki in principle apply to the FACEBOOK version of the game unless specified otherwise, then it is mentioned in the description or lead paragraph.

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