Building Information

41,000 Cityofwonderssilver

Experience Gain

205 Icon-xp gain

Trade Gain

Icon-trade 164

Research Required

Icon-research wealth Wealth
Icon-research irrigation Irrigation

Research Age

Enlightened Age

Surplus Type


After researching Wealth and Irrigation, the Plantation becomes available.


The Plantation is a great goods building during the Enlightened Age, providing a decent steady supply of silver. It is a large building, taking up four squares on your map.


The following goods are available from a Plantation

Goods Cost Time Taken XP Gain Coins Gain
Sugar 120 Cityofwonderssilver 5 minutes 10 Icon-xp gain 430 Cityofwonderssilver
Coffee 190 Cityofwonderssilver 30 minutes 18 Icon-xp gain 1,400Cityofwonderssilver
Fruit Basket 200 Cityofwonderssilver 2 hours 28 Icon-xp gain 2,800Cityofwonderssilver
Wine Barrels 250 Cityofwonderssilver 4 hours 40 Icon-xp gain 3,400 Cityofwonderssilver
Cotton 280 Cityofwonderssilver 8 hours 48 Icon-xp gain 4,700 Cityofwonderssilver
Tobacco 900 Cityofwonderssilver 18 hours 90 Icon-xp gain 6,800Cityofwonderssilver
Olives 2,400 Cityofwonderssilver 1 day 128 Icon-xp gain 8,000 Cityofwonderssilver
Rubber 3,800 Cityofwonderssilver 2 days 190 Icon-xp gain 15,000 Cityofwonderssilver