The Renaissance Fair is both a building and recipe.

Shakespeare Festival
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The Renaissance Fair takes up 2 X 2 spaces making the happiness and culture worth 1800/180 per square. You get 2500 silver and 100 XP for completing the recipe, and ??? XP for actually placing the building. It can be sold for ???? silver. It is acquired through the Workshop. This is the fourth set of recipes you learn.

This recipe unlocks at level 17.

File:Renaissance Fair-B.PNG

File:Renaissance Fair-R.PNG

Below are each sub-recipe's individual completion reward and the price in gold to finish it instantly.

Quanity Name Silver XP Gold
2 Encampment 1500 Cityofwonderssilver 20 Icon-xp gain 4 Cityofwondersgold
4 Costumes 2250 Cityofwonderssilver 45 Icon-xp gain 12 Cityofwondersgold
4 Vegetable Stew 2500 Cityofwonderssilver 100 Icon-xp gain 10 Cityofwondersgold
4 Arts and Crafts 2500 Cityofwonderssilver 100 Icon-xp gain 13 Cityofwondersgold

Encampment (x2)
2x Gravel - Quarry (30 minutes to produce)
1x Stack of Logs - Lumber Mill (30 minutes to produce)
1x Wooden Barrel - Lumber Mill (2 hours to produce)
Costumes (x4)
3x Wool - Ranch (4 hours to produce)
2x Leather - Ranch (18 hours to produce)
2x Fleeces - Ranch (24 hours to produce)
Vegetable Stew (x4)
6x Potatoes - Modern Farm (2 hours to produce)
3x Peas - Garden (3 minutes to produce)
3x Carrots - Garden (15 minutes to produce)
2x Garlic - Garden (4 hours to produce), Vegetable Farm (2 hours to produce)
Arts and Crafts (x4)
1x Leather - Ranch (18 hours to produce)
6x Textiles - Factory (30 minutes to produce)
4x Instruments - Factory (2 hours to produce)
1x Jewelry - Factory (1 day to produce)