The Roman Garden is both a building and recipe.

Roman Garden
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The Roman Garden takes up 2 X 2 spaces making the happiness and culture worth 562/56 per square. It can be sold for 6000 silver. It is acquired through the Workshop. This is the second set of recipes you learn.

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Roman Garden R

Below are the rewards and price in gold to be completed instantly for each sub-recipe.

Quanity Name Silver XP Gold
2 Portico 1000 Cityofwonderssilver 25 Icon-xp gain 5 Cityofwondersgold
3 Toga Party 1250 Cityofwonderssilver 25 Icon-xp gain 7 Cityofwondersgold
2 Reflection Pool 1500 Cityofwonderssilver 30 Icon-xp gain 8 Cityofwondersgold

1x Gravel - Quarry (30 minutes to produce)
1x Statue - Quarry (18 hours to produce)
1x Pillar - Quarry (48 hours to produce)
Toga Party
2x Grapes - Vineyard (5 minutes to produce)
1x Raisin - Vineyard (4 hours to produce)
2x Juice - Vineyard (30 minutes to produce)
1x Laurel - Vineyard (48 hours to produce)
Reflection Pool
1x Fountain - Quarry (24 hours to produce)
3x Park Benches - Lumber Mill (4 hours to produce)
1x Gazebo - Lumber Mill (48 hours to produce)