This wiki has it's own policies regarding subpages and how they may or may not be used.

Users are allowed to make subpages in their userspace, to create a personal sandbox. Users should create a new page using the following syntax to create their own sandbox:


(where Yourname should be changed to the name of the user)

Can I get a list all subpages of a parent page?

You can find the subpages of a specific page by entering the title followed by a forward slash at Special:AllPages.

You can also use Special:PrefixIndex to do this. You can even make links like Special:PrefixIndex/Help:Customizing Monaco.

(Note: This also shows the parent page in the list; if you don't want this, and want only subpages, add a / at the end of the link, like Special:PrefixIndex/Help:Customizing Monaco/)