Plate-vegetable farm
Vegetable Farm
Building Information

1,000 Cityofwonderssilver

Experience Gain

15 Icon-xp gain

Trade Gain

Icon-trade 12

Research Required

Icon-research agriculture Agriculture

Research Age

Stone Age

Surplus Type


The Vegetable Farm is one of the first goods buildings available to new players. It only requires research to be completed in Agriculture.


The Vegetable Farm is a basic goods building, providing a small but steady supply of silver. It is a large building, taking up four squares on your map.


The following goods are available from a Vegetable Farm

Goods Cost Time Taken XP Gain Coins Gain
Corn 20 Cityofwonderssilver 5 minutes 7 Icon-xp gain 330 Cityofwonderssilver
Cucumber 38 Cityofwonderssilver 30 minutes 14 Icon-xp gain 1,185 Cityofwonderssilver
Garlic 60 Cityofwonderssilver 2 hours 24 Icon-xp gain 2,415 Cityofwonderssilver
Asparagus 75 Cityofwonderssilver 4 hours 32 Icon-xp gain 3,590 Cityofwonderssilver
Artichoke 140 Cityofwonderssilver 8 hours 45 Icon-xp gain 4,360 Cityofwonderssilver
Radish 500 Cityofwonderssilver 18 hours 82 Icon-xp gain 6,200 Cityofwonderssilver
Cabbage 2,010 Cityofwonderssilver 1 day 122 Icon-xp gain 7,260 Cityofwonderssilver
Pumpkin 3,020 Cityofwonderssilver 2 days 180 Icon-xp gain 13,520 Cityofwonderssilver

Vegetable Garden