The Witches' Coven is both a building and recipe.

Witches' Coven
Experience Gain


Happiness Gain


Culture gain



The Witches' Coven takes up a 2x2 space making the happiness and culture worth 1762h / 176c per square. It can be sold for 6000 silver. It is acquired through the Workshop. This is the fourth set of recipes you learn.

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Gypsy Camp-R

Below are the rewards and price in gold to be completed instantly for each sub-recipe.

Quantity Name Silver XP Gold
4 Encampment 1500Cityofwonderssilver 20Icon-xp gain 4 Cityofwondersgold
4 Pottage 1000 Cityofwonderssilver 15 Icon-xp gain 5 Cityofwondersgold
2 Cauldrons ????Cityofwonderssilver ?? Icon-xp gain ? Cityofwondersgold

Encampment (x4)
2x Gravel - Quarry (30 minutes to produce)
1x Stack of Logs - Lumber Mill (30 minutes to produce)
1x Wooden Barrel - Lumber Mill (2 hours to produce)
Pottage (x4)
3x Onions - Garden (2 hours to produce)
2x Garlic - Garden (4 hours to produce), Vegetable Farm (2 hours to produce)
1x Carrot - Garden (15 minutes to produce)

Cauldrons (x2)
1x Oil - Mine (8 hours to produce)
5x Minerals - Mine (30 minutes to produce)
2x Stack of Logs - Lumber Mill (30 minutes to produce)