• The workshop is a place to combine your goods produced when completing contracts in the goods buildings. (not surplus goods)
  • Completing building recipes increases your overall mastery and unlocks more recipes.
  • Completing recipes grants silver, XP and special buildings.

Workshop window

Marketplace window

Workshop Window - RecipesEdit

  • The mastery on the top of the window is for building recipes that you have completed.
  • In this window, you can see both the building recipes and sub-recipes on the left.
  • On the right, you will see the recipe needed for the selection on the left.
  • Items for sub-recipes can be purchased for gold or requested from allies by "Ask for Help" button.
  • A whole sub-recipe may be completed instantly with gold.
  • Rewards are listed for both the building recipes and sub-recipes.

Workshop window 2

Workshop Window - Recipe MasteryEdit

  • In this window, you can see completed sub-recipes and how many were completed of each type.
  • Hovering your pointer over the "?" icon shows how many completions are needed per mastery.
  • Bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond each have a specific amount per sub-recipes. Each level has increased rewards. See each specific recipe for incremental amount.

Workshop window 3

Marketplace window

Workshop Window - View GoodsEdit

  • Listed here are all the goods you have produced and have stored.
  • Items can be listed by recipe available, name or good count.
  • Recipes will be listed if they have been unlocked.
  • 200 items each can be stored per item.

Goods Bonus

Good BonusEdit

  • When you complete a contract at a goods building, an icon will drop. Click it to increase your goods bonus.
  • Collect 50 for a random goods iasdasdasdtem.
  • Collected icons only increase the goods bonus, not increase the amount of goods in storage at your workshop.
  • You will have about 5 seconds to click the icons.
  • 1 to 3 icons may drop depending on how soon you harvest the goods building.


  • The workshop was introduced 3/16/2011.