Plate-worst buy
Worst Buy
Building Information

86,500 Cityofwonderssilver

Experience Gain

433 Icon-xp gain

Trade Gain

Icon-trade 346

Research Required

Icon-research franchisesFranchises

Research Age

Modern Age

Surplus Type


After researching Franchises, the Worst Buy becomes available.


The Worst Buy is the first goods building available in the Modern Era and is a nice jump from the goods buildings of the Industrial Era. There are currently no goods buildings in the Atomic Era, so there is a bit of a wait in between. The Worst Buy provides a large supply of silver for your city. It is a large building, taking up four squares on your map.


The following goods are available from a Worst Buy

Goods Cost Time Taken XP Gain Coins Gain
Batteries 425 Cityofwonderssilver 5 minutes 14 Icon-xp gain 875 Cityofwonderssilver
MP3 Player 650 Cityofwonderssilver 30 minutes 23 Icon-xp gain 2,300Cityofwonderssilver
Microwave 725 Cityofwonderssilver 2 hours 35 Icon-xp gain 4,000Cityofwonderssilver
Dishwasher 850 Cityofwonderssilver 4 hours 46 Icon-xp gain 5,500 Cityofwonderssilver
Nerd Squad 950 Cityofwonderssilver 8 hours 56 Icon-xp gain 6,500 Cityofwonderssilver
Stereo System 1,500 Cityofwonderssilver 18 hours 97 Icon-xp gain 10,000Cityofwonderssilver
Laptop 6,500 Cityofwonderssilver 1 day 140 Icon-xp gain 15,500 Cityofwonderssilver
Plasma TV 9,250 Cityofwonderssilver 2 days 202 Icon-xp gain 23,750 Cityofwonderssilver

Goods-Worst Buy